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Patient Story: Suffering with Leg Problems


I would say my legs have not been right for 9-10 years and have just got worse.

Over the years I have visited my surgery seeing many GP’s about my legs.

None of my GP’s ever questioned why my legs were in the condition that they were, although one of the trainee doctors did say that it was probably to do with me being on my blood pressure tablet at that time.

My legs only got treated when I brought them to the GP’s attention.

Mostly I was told I needed to lose weight for my legs to be alright. I can appreciate that being overweight would not help, but that was not the cause. I would get cellulitis sometimes but still, nothing would be done.  I was given eczema cream, sometimes other types of cream aqueous cream etc.

My legs started to get infected quite regularly and they started getting sores and the smell from them was horrendous.

I managed to see the Nurse Practitioner who made me feel like it was all my fault my legs were the way they were and I felt quite down when I came home. She had made me a follow –up an appointment to see the nurse to get my legs dressed.

The nurse called in one of the newer doctors to look at the sores, he told her to take a swab and I was later prescribed antibiotics. He said he would contact LymphCare UK to see if someone could see me.

My first appointment was in July 2014 and up to January 2015 the treatment received has been wonderful.

It’s been hard going backwards and forwards but results speak for themselves, especially the leg that I considered the worst one. The right leg is getting there and I am able to look after them myself in between coming to the clinic.

I can only speak highly of LymphCare UK. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had not gone to LymphCare UK.


Sharing your story can give reassurance to others that with appropriate and timely care the conditions of lymphoedema, lipoedema and chronic oedema can be improved and managed effectively. These stories can help LymphCare UK raise awareness and to highlight the impact of the service.

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